Founded in 2018, Seventy Six Salon started its life as Studio76 before having a makeover of its own in 2020. Situated in Maragret Roding, next door to Reid Rooms Wedding venue, It quickly became the go-to Salon from Essex to London. We’re committed to making you look your best, every day of the week. We offer top-of-the line brands and bespoke treatments.



Who we are

A high-vibe salon who are serious about hair. We provide peace, self-love and 70’s vibes with a 5* service.

Covering superb colour treatments, cutting edge styles, glam and weddings; We are here for every occasion - Big or small.

What we stand for

SeventySix is designed with our clients in mind. We aim to create a supportive community for our customers and peers. We strongly believe in supporting local businesses and female charities.

More than just a salon, you can find open discussions relating to all types of subjects on our blog page.

What you can expect

Excellent, knowledgeable and professional service from our experienced stylists and artist. We ensure on each appointment that our clients can discuss their requirements in an open and non-judgemental space. We will always aim to advise and educate while working together to meet your expectations. You will always receive a welcoming and enjoyable experience with us at SeventySix.

A retreat for all our clients looking to enjoy some downtime.

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